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“Great partnerships are characterized by generosity–an abundance mentality and a giving attitude that willingly, even eagerly, goes beyond the basic requirements.” “Giving is receiving…” Chip R. Bell and Heather Shea–Dance Lessons

Who are we and why should you want to do business with us?

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Hi! I’m Jerry, and as the Operations Manager of JR Berger Properties, it is my duty to set the standards and principles of our business.  We are house buyers in Seattle and our company is here to help folks sell their Seattle and Puget Sound area properties fast, for a fair price, in any condition, and for any reason.

BUT, we also specialize in helping owners going through tough circumstances buy time and stay in their homes as long as possible. Our goal is to help solve our client’s difficulties, and to provide the best possible solution for them. We won’t take on a transaction where there won’t be a win-win outcome–it’s that simple!

Our guiding “Old School” Values:   Integrity, Kindness, Compassion

  • We depend on word of mouth from happy people we have served.
  • We are all about our your experience :  It is only by providing value and winning client solutions that our business will succeed and thrive.
  • We believe in the “baker’s dozen” philosophy: under-promise and over-deliver!

We’re local and can act quickly.

We buy houses in Seattle and surrounding areas. We know the local market and because we have cash reserves at the the ready to buy directly, we can act quickly for you.


To be able to offer great customer service, our team of professionals make sure we have all the bases covered. We’re working together with some of the Seattle area’s finest professionals: Investors, Real estate attorneys, Real estate agents, and an Accountant and Tax specialist.

Jerry’s Seattle Story

My wife and I have enjoyed being part of Seattle for many years. We love living in North Seattle and being part of a large old-time traditional music community–we’re both old time fiddlers.

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Back in the big “Seattle Boeing Bust”, I got my start in business and real estate right on top of Queen Anne hill, which in those days was like a friendly small town where everyone knew and looked out for each other. I needed an affordable (very cheap!) business location and had located an abandoned Chevron gas station near Q.A. avenue and Boston street.

I convinced the kind folks at Rainier Bank who managed the property land trust to let me fix the place up and get my small business started–putting sweat equity into the building in exchange for $25 per month rent.

Before long I had a thriving car repair business going, and within 2 years was offered ownership of the corner property for the worldly sum of $24,000! I have been investing in real estate ever since.

My focus and success has always been on providing value and caring service to my customers. JR Berger Properties benefits from my years of serving customer needs. I’m committed to lending a helping hand to our clients, and exploring creative solutions, even if it means finding a different path for them to take.

We are cash home buyers in Seattle. If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime! At the least, you’ll have a listening ear and a friendly voice to speak with!

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